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Community Access Program

‚ÄčThe Community Access Program helps students with special needs in their graduation years. We help them achieve their goal of successful independent or semi-independent living, working with student and parent teams to help fulfill their dreams of where the student sees themselves being in their mid 20's.

Those dreams often center around:

    • Where will I be working?
    • Where will I be living?
    • Who will I be living with?
    • How can I get around the community?

To answer these questions:

    •  we help students with community work experience placements
    • provide school classes to help with important life skills
    • assist with resume building
    • budget preparation
    • city bus transportation
    • we also help with relationship questions

The transition to adulthood is challenging, we help students make a plan, in pencil, because it will change!. Students can take this plan with them when they leave our program and use it to feel more confident in the choices they make.