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Board Announces New Superintendent and CEO
The Board of Education for School District 72 is pleased to announce that Dr. Jeremy Morrow will serve as the district’s new superintendent of schools and chief executive officer, effective November 1, 2018.

Dr. Morrow comes to the role of superintendent with significant educational and administrative experience, including 13 years of K-12 leadership experience in both urban and rural settings. Jeremy also holds a Doctor in Education in Educational Leadership from Simon Fraser University, has completed the University of British Columbia’s Transformative Educational Leadership program, and has a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix.

Susan Wilson, chair of School District 72 Board of Education, stated, "We are very pleased to welcome Jeremy Morrow as the new superintendent of Campbell River School District. During a cross Canada search, we received a large number of applicants, but in the end, felt the best fit for our district would be Dr. Morrow. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated remarkable leadership qualities that will benefit students and staff in the coming years. Jeremy is a highly regarded educational leader known for his integrity, inclusivity and commitment to community and we look forward to a collaborative relationship. The board would also like to extend its appreciation to our district’s partner groups for their input in the search process.”

Prior to joining School District 72 nine years ago, Jeremy had been the vice-principal of Thomas Haney Secondary School in the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District and of Enver Creek Secondary School in the Surrey School District.

While with School District 72, he has served as a principal at the elementary, middle and secondary school levels: first as principal of Cortes School, then principal of Southgate Middle School and, for the last five years, as the principal of Timberline Secondary School. Recently, Jeremy was seconded to work in a district leadership capacity to support the senior management team and human resources department with some key initiatives. 

“I appreciate the support of the board and am excited and grateful to work in this new role in School District 72,” said Dr. Morrow. “My passion is public education and our district is a progressive learning organization. I am looking forward to working with staff, parents, and the community to create even more opportunities for student success.”

Jeremy and his wife, Mary, have three school-aged children.

To facilitate a smooth transition, Jeremy will be working closely with interim superintendent Jim Cambridge, who has been filling the role since the resignation of Thomas Longridge. On behalf of the Board of Education and School District 72, please welcome Jeremy to his role as superintendent of schools and chief executive officer.


Jennifer Patrick10/15/2018 9:05 AM
Host Family Info Session
School District 72's international program is looking for homestay families to host international students while they attend one of our local high schools. Each year more than 50 students from all over the world attend high school here in Campbell River. Want to create international connections and be part of our international community? We want to hear from you!

Homestay Information Session:
Wednesday, November 7 at 7:00 p.m.
Robron Centre Conference Room, 740 Robron Rd.

To reserve a spot, please call (250) 923.9500 ext. 2240 or email home.stay@sd72.bc.ca

Jennifer Patrick10/11/2018 2:32 PMAttachment
Foundation Skills Assessment: Letter for Grade 4 & 7 Parents/Guardians
September 24, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The following provides information on the Foundation Skills Assessment which is to be administered in the upcoming weeks.

What is the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)?
The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual, province-wide assessment given to all students in Grades 4 and 7.  As the assessment is taking place early in the year, the content of the assessment is based on the end of year profiles for Grade 3 and Grade 6. Students are given a minimum of four hours spread over several days to complete the assessment which measures basic competencies in reading, writing and numeracy. The skills tested are linked to the provincial curriculum and BC performance standards. The results gives the Province a snapshot of the overall student achievement levels at grades 4 and 7. Individual student FSA results will be sent home to parents directly.

How does our district use the information that comes out of the Foundation Skills Assessment?
Our district considers and uses the information we get from the Foundation Skills Assessment as a part of our Assessment for Learning cycle. This information, along with other classroom and district data, tells parents, teachers, students, and the district what our students are doing well and where further growth is needed in relation to the three basic skills expected by the province in that grade level. Your child’s score on the Foundation Skills Assessment is not part of any report card mark or any other report from your child’s teacher or school. The school district does not use the Foundation Skills Assessment in any way that negatively affects a child.

Is the Foundation Skills Assessment optional?
No. The Foundation Skills Assessment is required by law, under the BC School Act, and, although there may be varying opinions about their value and use, the Foundation Skills Assessment is not optional. School District 72 will therefore, ensure that this year’s Foundation Skills Assessment is administered in accordance with the ministerial Student Learning Assessment Order. All Grades 4 and 7 students who attend public and independent schools, or who are enrolled in a distributed learning program, are expected to participate. However, a few students with exceptional needs or extenuating circumstances may be excused from some or all of the assessment.
What would be considered extenuating circumstances for excusal from the Foundation Skills Assessment?
Illness, a family emergency, or extensive adaptation requirements could be considered for excusal of a student from the Foundation Skills Assessment. Principals identify which students, if any, are excused from one, two or all three components of the Foundation Skills Assessment. Principals must notify a parent or guardian if they intend to excuse a student from participating in one or more components of the Foundation Skills Assessment. Such notification should be made prior to the administration date by letter or telephone call. If you feel that one of these reasons apply to your child and you haven’t received notification, contact your child’s principal to discuss the reasons.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to learn as much as possible about the different types of assessment that are used in our schools and across the province. Your child’s teacher and principal can provide you with a wealth of information. You are also encouraged to discuss your child’s results with the school staff at any time after you receive their results. For further information on Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) or the district’s policy on Assessment for
Learning, please refer to the following websites:


Jim Cambridge
Interim Superintendent of Schools, School District 72

Jennifer Patrick9/24/2018 1:19 PM