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Board of Education
​In Canada, education is a provincial responsibility. Under the School Act of British Columbia, each school district is required to have a Board of Education, which takes on much of the responsibility for the operation of public schools.
The Board of Education is elected locally every four years. The role of the board is to govern the education system of their community in a progressive and educationally sound manner.
There are seven trustees on the Campbell River Board of Education, who were elected November 15, 2014.

Campbell River Board of Education

​Susan Wilson​Chairperson
​Ted Foster​Vice-Chair
​Richard Franklin​Trustee
​Daryl Hagen​Trustee
​John Kerr​Trustee
​Gail Kirschner​Trustee
​Joyce McMann​Trustee

Public Board Meetings

Public meetings are held every three weeks, on a Tuesday night. Community members are welcome to attend public meetings.
At public board meetings, school trustees debate and vote to determine a majority decision on educational issues.


Individuals and groups are welcome to make presentations to the board. Presentations should be brief; about five minutes.

Anyone wishing to make presentations to the board should contact the secretary-treasurer's office either in writing or by phone, outlining the matter to be presented and providing the name of the spokesperson no later than noon of the Wednesday preceeding the public meeting.

Public and Agenda Submissions

A public submission is a submission to the board for which no material has been included in the agenda package. These presentations should not exceed five minutes in duration. As the board may not have had time or sufficient information to make an informed decision, the public submission will be heard, but no decision will be made at the meeting unless the board, by way of a resolution, decides the submission to be of an emergent nature. Otherwise, the board will consider the issue and may respond to the submission at a future meeting.

An agenda submission is a submission which does have material included in the agenda package. By including materials in the agenda package ahead of the meeting, trustees have time to consider and arrive at an informed decision on the matter. Material to be included in an agenda package must be submitted to the secretary-treasurer's office no later than noon of the Wednesday preceeding the public meeting. The board may make a decision on an agenda submission during the public meeting.

Question Period

At the end of each public board meeting, an opportunity is given for members of the public to ask questions on agenda items from that meeting.