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Board Meeting Agendas, Highlights & Minutes

​If you require further information on exhibit items referenced in meeting agendas, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer's office at (250) 830.2302.

Material to be included in the agenda must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer's office no later than 12 p.m. of the Wednesday preceding a regularly scheduled Board meeting. Submissions should be sent c/o the Secretary-Treasurer to 425 Pinecrest Road, Campbell River B.C., V9W 3P2 or via fax to (250) 287.2616

Please note: Board meeting minutes are approved at the next consecutive meeting and are published after that date.

2018-06-19 Agenda.pdf2018-06-19 Agenda
2018-05-29 Agenda.pdf2018-05-29 Agenda
2018-05-08 Agenda.pdf2018-05-08 Agenda
2018-04-17 Agenda.pdf2018-04-17 Agenda
2018-03-20 Agenda.pdf2018-03-20 Agenda
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2018-06-19 Highlights.pdf2018-06-19 Highlights
2018-05-29 Highlights.pdf2018-05-29 Highlights
2018-05-08 Highlights.pdf2018-05-08 Highlights
2018-04-17- Highlights.pdf2018-04-17- Highlights
2018-03-20 Highlights.pdf2018-03-20 Highlights
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2018-05-29 Minutes.pdf2018-05-29 Minutes
2018-05-08 Minutes.pdf2018-05-08 Minutes
2018-03-20 Minutes.pdf2018-03-20 Minutes
2018-02-27 Minutes.pdf2018-02-27 Minutes
2018-02-06 Minutes.pdf2018-02-06 Minutes
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