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French Immersion Exit Protocols (Elementary)
​Moving a student from one program to another requires careful attention as the transition can sometimes be a challenge. For that reason, the following steps are strongly recommended when considering moving a student from the French Immersion program to another program in the district. "What's best for the student" will be at the centre of any decision made.

Step One: Requesting a Move Out of the French Immersion Program

  • ​The request (made by the student, parent, or teacher) must be submitted to the administrator of the school in writing with the rationale (and supporting evidence if available and appropriate) for the request.
  • A guiding principle behind the French Immersion program in the Campbell River School District is that it is a program available to all students. A request from a teacher or school to move a student from the French Immersion program should never be made until the school has exhausted all possible interventions (inside and outside the classroom). Otherwise, such a request will not be considered.

Step Two: The School-Based Team Reviews the Request

  • The request is taken to the school-based team.
  • If the rationale is based on the child's academic, social, or emotional needs the school-based team will engage in a dialogue around:

    • What evidence do we have to support the rationale?

    • What other information do we need to obtain?

    • What supports are available to the child currently?

    • What other supports or strategies for intervention can we put into place?

  • ​The school-based team will make a draft intervention plan and go to step three.

  • If the rationale is otherwise, go to step five.

Step Three: Communication with the Parent, Student and Teacher

  • The draft intervention plan will be shared with the student, parent, and teacher.
  • The draft intervention plan will be adjusted based on the feedback.
  • A follow-up meeting date will be set to discuss progress made on the intervention plan.

Step Four: Carry Out and Monitor the Plan

  • The school will carry out the intervention plan finalized in step three.
  • Progress will be monitored closely.
  • Parents will receive communication toward progress along the way.
  • Follow-up meetings and adjustments to the plan will be made as needed.
  • If no progress is made, go to step five.

Step Five: Exiting the French Immersion Program

  • Should a final decision be made collaboratively between the school and the parent to move a child from the French Immersion program, a transition plan will be made which will consider the following factors:
    • ​​The time of year; moving a student two weeks before Christmas Break or during the last week of school, for example, is not a good idea. Natural breaks are often most suitable, with the optimal time being the beginning of a new school year.

    • If a child has been receiving learning assistance at the current French Immersion school, consideration will be spent on continuing that learning assistance with a focus on English before the transition actually occurs.

    • Note: When leaving the French Immersion program, the student must apply to the neighbourhood​ catchment school. approval will be based on the availability of space and facilities, or program and staffing resources appropriate for that applicant.

    • A conversation between the sending and receiving school will take place before the move occurs to ensure that the new school is ready of the student; supports are in place, etc.

    • Both the student and parent(s) complete an exit survey.