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Student Registration & Cross Catchment Transfer Requests

Our school district endeavors to create safe, caring and supportive learning environments in order for all students to experience success. Our elementary schools are configured from kindergarten to grade 5, middle schools from grade 6 to grade 8, and secondary schools from grade 9 to grade 12. ​School District 72 Operational Procedure 301 (Student Registration) and Operational Procedure 302 (Cross Catchment Transfers​​).

For more information about registering a student or how to apply to a school other than your neighbourhood catchment school, click on the appropriate section below.

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Application for Cross Catchment Transfer for Sept. 2019 (Form 302-1).pdf
French Immersion Kindergarten Registration Form.pdf
Liq'wala Kwak'wala Immersion Kindergarten Registration Form.pdf
Mid-Year Cross Catchment Transfer Application (Form 302-2).pdf