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Environmental Sustainability
​In School District 72, we realize that what happens in our classrooms each day shapes future generations. That's why environmental stewardship is an important theme in all of our schools and, as an organization, we are working to teach by example.
Here you will find examples of some of the environmental sustainability practices employed throughout the district.

Preventing and Managing Waste

  • Since 2005, employee newsletters and most school newsletters have been published electronically on websites and distributed through email rather than in printed form.
  • Where classes can, items such as cans, egg cartons, cereal boxes, hot lunch containers, toilet paper rolls, and even CDs are reused for math, science and art projects. 
  • Several classes and schools are encouraging garbage-free recess snacks and lunches.
  • Several schools and the board office have composting buckets for students and staff to dispose of organic waste from their lunches and snacks. The dirt that is generated is then used to plant trees and plants on the school district's properties.

Managing Electricity

  • Elementary computer labs have 'diskless' computers (without hard drives) which reduces power consumption.
  • At 6 p.m. on every weekday all school district computers are set to automatically shutdown to reduce electricity consumption.
  • The school board offices had a lighting and heating retrofit that allows for office lights to be controlled by motion sensors. When the offices are vacant for a period of time the lights are automatically turned off.

Adopting Sustainable Building Principles

  • The school district's custodial department has adopted a "cleaning for health" process, which has the department using green seal, environmentally-friendly products.
  • The district's maintenance department has also gone more environmentally-friendly opting for no odour, longer durability paints. Paint colours are also being chosen to maximize the light that they reflect, enabling less reliance on electrical lighting.
  • The maintenance department adheres to a regular filter changing program in all district buildings. In addition to improving the function of this equipment it improves the indoor air quality.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • By using a central help desk, the information technology department can provide remote support for any computer in the district, reducing vehicle travel between schools and offices.
  • Many district staff members choose to bike to work, taking advantage of the physical benefits that can go along with this environmentally conscious decision.
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