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Kindergarten Students: Gradual Entry
School District 72 has always acknowledged the need for a gradual entry into kindergarten. This important transition phase is aimed to set students up for success for the rest of their school years and often involves a variety of visits, communications and opportunities to connect young children and their families with their neighbourhood schools over several months leading up to the first full day of kindergarten. Our district gradual entry process aligns with our community beliefs about full-day kindergarten:
  • Respectful relationships with children and their families are vital.
  • All kindergarten students are "ready" for school.
  • The learning environment is "the third teacher".
  • Most learning in the kindergarten program occurs during play.
  • Oral language and other forms of representing are the foundations of literacy.
Early in September a variety of experiences support a gentle and welcoming introduction to kindergarten. Smooth and effective transitions set the foundation for a comfortable and secure beginning to a child's school career and allows the teacher opportunity to gather important information about each student to help develop their instructional plan.

After the first day of school, kindergarten teachers will contact families to discuss a balanced approach to gradual entry and ensure that kindergarten students are able to be in regular daily attendance no later than September 15. Some schools may be able to start sooner than this, depending on the number of kindergarten students and school contexts.

Should a family wish a longer gradual entry for their child, parents should meet with the teacher and school principal to discuss adaptions. Call the school starting August 30 for more information.

For information on registering a child for kindergarten, please see the New Student Registration section.