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English Language Learning (ELL) & English Skills Development (ESD)
In the Campbell River School District, English Language Learning (ELL) and English Skill Development (ESD) are additional services intended to provide academic and social support throughout the school year for ELL and ESD students who need additional English language development support in order to access the provincial curriculum and succeed academically.

The ELL and ESD program goals are to help students develop their language and literacy skills and support the development and proficiency of a student's:
  • oral language through listening and speaking activities.
  • academic reading and writing skills.
  • academic and social vocabulary acquisition.
  • pride in and sharing of their home culture, as well as building an understanding of Canadian culture.

English Language Learning Contacts ​ ​
District Principal of Indigenous Education & English Language Learning
​Debra Martel
(250) 830.2328
​Administrative Assistant
Julina Duarte
​(250) 830.2332

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