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Educational Services

The Board of Education is responsible for the vision, the values, the goals and the guiding principles of the work of the school district. Educational Services is responsible for the overall planning and the day-to-day operations that carry out this work, and for reporting and making recommendations to the board that support these goals.

The Board of Education designates the superintendent as the chief executive officer of the school district and delegates to the superintendent responsibility for overall administration of the district. The superintendent makes reports which focus on governance implications and is accountable to the board for the conduct and operation of the district, for providing leadership in administration and instructional programs for students, and for ensuring compliance with legislative requirements. All board authority delegated to the staff of the district is delegated through the superintendent.


‚ÄčEducational Services Contacts ‚Äč ‚Äč
Superintendent of Schools
‚ÄčDr. Jeremy Morrow
(250) 830.2398
jeremy.morrow@sd72.bc.ca ‚Äč
‚ÄčAssociate Superintendent Ms. Morgan Kyle
‚Äč(250) 830.2325

‚ÄčAssociate Superintendent
‚ÄčMr. Philip Cizmic
‚Äč(250) 830.2376
‚ÄčAdministrative Assistant,
Superintendent's Office
‚Äč‚ÄčLyn Logan ‚Äč‚Äč(250) 830.2398
‚ÄčAdministrative Assistant,
Associate Superintendent's Office
‚ÄčDarlana De Vito‚Äč(250) 830.2325
‚ÄčCommunications & Community Engagement Officer‚ÄčJennifer Patrick‚Äč(250) 830.2333
‚ÄčDirector of Instruction, 
Learning Support Services & Safe
Schools Coordinator
‚ÄčTracy Kennedy ‚Äč(250) 286.4400
‚ÄčDistrict Principal of
Indigenous Education
Debra Martel
‚Äč(250) 923.4918
‚ÄčDistrict Principal, MyEdBC
‚ÄčGraeme Boyd
‚Äč(250) 830-2350