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I Dream Library connects students, caregivers, educators & organizations with intersectionally diverse literature and literary resources. We support childhood mental wellness through creating safer learning spaces for enby, gender fluid, 2S/Indigiqueer, Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour.

This resource empowers intersectional 2SQTBIPoC representation in curriculum, classrooms, and care centers everywhere.

Need help explaining the COVID-19 Pandemic to young children?  Check out these amazing ebooks to help explain what COVID-19 is and why we need to be so careful. 

What Is COVID-19 - Level 1 - Free eBook.pdf

What Is COVID-19 - Level 2 - Free eBook.pdf

What Is COVID-19 - Level 4 - Free eBook.pdf

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Learning Commons and Education Centre

Welcome to the SD72 District Learning Commons and Education Centre site. Here you will find digital reading and listening, research and inquiry, digital citizenship, coding, and learning by subject resources. 

SD72 operates on the traditional territories of the Ligʷiɫdax̌ʷ , Klahoose, and K'omoks First Nations. We honour our relationship with these First Nations, the Homalco First Nations and all other First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples who reside in these territories.