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Maintenance & Operations

By maintaining clean, safe and supportive environments for our students, staff and the community, our maintenance and operations department provides a foundation for academic success

The maintenance and operations department is responsible for the buildings, grounds and physical aspects of the school district's building properties, as well as the health and safety of those who work in them. This includes: maintenance services, custodial services, utilities, and health & safety.
School District 72's maintenance and operations facility is located at;
1621 14th Avenue
Campbell River B.C.   V9W 4H6

To contact the maintenance and operations facility directly call (250) 287.8808 or fax (250) 287.2371.
Maintenance & Operations Contacts​ ​ ​
​Manager of Operations ​Steve Woods ​(250) 830.2334
​Administrative Assistant
Cindy Terreberry
​(250) 830.2335
​Supervisor, Operations
& Safety
Paul Reid ​(250) 287.8808
​Operations Assistant ​Moira Holmgren
​(250) 287.8808