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SD72 Library Learning Commons


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Login Information for SD72 Library Learning Commons: Access all school libraries including ebooks and audio books.


User Name: S​tudent number​

Password:  Last four digits


User Name:  First six letters of last name AND first letter of first name​

Password:  E​mployee number​​

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Open:  Monday to Thursday
​8:0​​0 am to 4​:30 pm​
Friday 8:00-4:00
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BCTF 100 Best Book Selection - Elementary & Secondary

Don't know your library site #?  
Click HERE for the list of numbers needed for the application logins below.

Use for logging into the applications listed below where indicated. (Site#)


District Teacher-Librarian

Cathy Fowler

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​​Featured Lin​​ks

SD72 School Library Catalogues

​e-Books and Audio Books.


A list of resources that include the link 
​and a brief write up for each resource.

Online video lessons for students. 
Use student number 
and password to enter site.
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