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Head Coach - Dana Dunsmore
​ ​A volleyball player is someone who strives to progress every single day.  In the off-season they work extra hard to stay in shape and better themselves prior to volleyball season.  During the season they work daily to develop their skills in order to help the team succeed.  If you are someone who will drive yourself to become better and be your best then our Volleyball Academy is right for you. Our coaching sessions reinforce individual skills during exercise drills.  These drills promote repetition and refinement of volleyball movements which are essential if a team is to thrive.  You will discover different offensive attacks and ways to defend.  We will encourage you to speed up movement, anticipate plays, improve timing and comprehend communication in order to unite as a team.  
Our Volleyball Academy is led by teacher and Head Coach Dana Dunsmore and teacher and Coach Georgina Knox.  Staff will also include some sessions by guest coaches such as Julie Young and Jesse Knight.
Dana Dunsmore:
Starter on the Kansas City Kansas Community College Team as a Power