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"I have fished through fishless days that I remember happily without regret."

– Roderick Haig-Brown


Welcome to the 72 Fly Fishing program! The city of Campbell River and surrounding area is home to some of the most vibrant fishing locations on Vancouver Island, and is considered the “Salmon Capital of the World.” This course weaves together both junior (9-10) and senior (11-12) students on a unique learning journey, which pairs English and Fly Fishing over the semester. 

Those enrolled in the English 9-12 class are also in the Fly Fishing 9-12 class. The purpose behind combining these two is to reduce time spent away from other classes, organically plan fishing trips around the fishing season, and closely monitor student progress. Over this course, missing English time will be made up throughout the semester. 

The program is designed to enhance student literacy skills in both reading and writing, along with the preparation required to write the Ministry’s Literacy Exams. The course is designed to teach beginning and avid fly fishers how to connect with mainly freshwater fisheries through the sport of fly fishing. Students will learn casting techniques, fly tying, knot tying, fishing methodology, fish identification, safety, etiquette, ethics, conservation, as well as trip preparation. Field trips to areas including the Campbell River, Quinsam River, Oyster River, Puntledge River, and Eve River will provide students with authentic and meaningful fishing opportunities. English and Fly Fishing are both skill based courses, and will require you to challenge yourself and attend each class is crucial.