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Carihi Graduation Information

Grad 2021

We are excited to share that the School District, Carihi, Robron, and Timberline have decided on an official date for commencement this year. 


Saturday June 26th, 2021

Carihi Commencement

We recognize that grads and families may need time to get organized for commencement and we wanted to provide you with the date well in advance.

Obviously, we wish we could celebrate our grads with our traditional graduation ceremony however, we must respect the social distancing regulations set out by our health officer.

Currently we are planning a two-part celebration which we know will be memorable for our grads.  We will begin our commencement event with a car parade for all grads in the district, followed by the cap and gown ceremony on stage at Carihi.  We do not have exact times and details at this point, so we thank you for your patience as we continue to plan and coordinate with the three high schools for the 2021 graduation ceremony.

We are very excited about this event, and if you have any questions please direct them to carihi.grad@sd72.bc.ca .

Kind Regards,

Louise Panziera                       Rachel Nelson                         Georgina Knox
Principal                                  Vice-Principal                          Grad Coordinator

Important Dates: 
May 1st - 31st:  Lucky Duck Contest
    -  Winning is simple!  Beginning Monday May 3rd, grads need to read the daily announcements either in class or from the document sent to their email account.  A new winner will be selected every day.  If you hold the "lucky duck" of the day, you can bring it down to the office or email carihi.grad@sd72.bc.ca to claim your prize.

May 27th:  Walkdown Notes Due

Mid-June:  Carihi Grad Amazing Race
    -  Watch the announcements in May for more details. 

Mid-June:  Grad Scavenger Hunt 
    -  Details to follow in May 

Sat. June 26th:  Graduation Ceremony and Car Parade 

Congratulations to Heidi Schulte our class of 2021, Valedictorian! 

Parent Volunteers Needed:

We are looking for a few parent volunteers who would be interested in working with a parent group from Timberline to organize a Grad Scavenger Hunt for all SD72 grads in June.  If you are interested in being part of the planning group, please email Georgina Knox at carihi.grad@sd72.bc.ca  

Baby Photos:  
We would like to put a slide show together of our grads this year.  We ask that you find a fun baby or toddler photo of your grad and email it to carihi.grad@sd72.bc.ca   Alternatively, your grad may drop off a  copy to Student Services with their name and phone number written on the back and we will return it as quickly as possible. 

Grad Cap and Gowns:
Cap and gowns will be available for pick up the week prior to the commencement ceremony.  Students are welcome to wear their cultural / ceremonial attire.  Students will not be issued their cap and gown until all school debts have been cleared (ie. shop fees, uniforms, field trip fees, textbooks, library books, English novels). 

Walkdown Notes:
This is the message that will be read as the grad stands in the spotlight during the graduation ceremony. It is an opportunity to share their future plans,
thank-yous, favourite quote, or highlights of their time at Carihi. Forms will be available electronically from the TEAMS class at the end of April and must be submitted electronically by May 27th, to carihi.grad@sd72.bc.ca

Graduation Announcement Lawn Signs:
We are grateful to our school district for their generosity this year of providing each grad with a Graduation Lawn Sign. These special commemorative items will be individualized with the Grad’s name and school logo. They are in production right now, and grads will be able to pick them up towards the end of May. Watch the announcements for more details. 

Grad Events: 
During the month of May, Grads will have the opportunity to play ‘Lucky Duck’ and win some fun prizes. Ducks will be distributed to classes at the end of April, if you do not have a class and would like to participate, please email carihi.grad@sd72.bc.ca to get your virtual duck. To win, during the month of May, read the daily announcements, if you hold the “lucky duck” of the day, bring it down to the office or email carihi.grad@sd72.bc.ca to claim your prize.

All information is available on the Carihi grad website, the TEAMS Grad 2021 class and in the announcements. Please continue to check these areas for the most up-to-date information. or if you have any questions, please email Georgina Knox, Grad Sponsor at carihi.grad@sd72.bc.ca 


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