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Carihi Graduation Information

A  pre-recorded video of this year‚Äôs Graduation Ceremony including this live stream as well as all of the typical components of a Graduation Ceremony: Speeches, Valedictorian, and a few special surprises will be available on the grad DVD.

The DVDs have been mailed out however, many are encountering a freezing problem on the first dvd.  As a result, Shannon will be mailing out a replacement for the first dvd to everyone who has purchased the dvds in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for your patience.

Carihi grad dvd.jpg

Dvds can still be ordered.  Please contact Shannon Hagen at shannon.hagen@sd72.bc.ca to inquire.


 Parent Executive


Kim Cramb:  kim.cramb13@gmail.com


Theresa Toms:  t.toms@telus.net


Christian Stapff:  Christian.stapff@gmail.com


Amanda Schulz:  schulz6@shaw.ca


Sue Hall:               snh@shaw.ca

After Prom:

Christine Lund:  crisknuff@hotmail.com

Caroline Maedel:  addbry@telus.net


Vanessa Hird:  vanessarealty1@gmail.com

Jennifer Naylor:  Jennifer.ann.naylor@gmail.com

Leah Rourke:  leah@relishinteriors.com 


Aroma Coffee & Poinsettia:  Simone Lamont:  simonekenina@gmail.com

Purdy's Chocolates & Mother's Day Flowers:   Lori Sanderson:  got2blgg@gmail.com

Helpers for Prom/After Prom:

Kelly Moore:  kellyfiledunderg@gmail.com

Kristina Wellard: kristinawellard@yahoo.ca

Marnie Gurney: marnie22@telus.net