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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Distributed Learning?

In a nut, the student, are not always in the same location or time as your teachers. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere. With today's connectivity, that covers the planet! What used to be paper-based correspondence now can happen with just about any method that you can think of. If you want more info check out the 72Ways2Learn blog.

Is taking courses through Distributed Learning harder or easier than regular classes?

Both......well okay, the course material is BC curriculum so the content is the same. The flexibility to do the work when it fits for you is easier, BUT the discipline to motivate yourself can be harder. The fact that you have to read a lot is harder, but you can do it at your pace. So the most important thing is to determine if Distributed Learning is a good fit for you. Try this survey. And talk to a counselor at your school, or call us. (250) 923.4918

Who will be teaching me?

That depends on the courses you choose. Our teachers are located at several different high schools and Robron Center for Lifelong Learning. So if you are taking a Math course and an English course, your teachers may be in two different places! Once you are enrolled in the courses you want, you and your teacher will set up a learning plan that works for you. Check out our teaching staff.

How do I register for a program or course?

Check the info on the registration page or send me a note at

How do I know what courses I need to take?

If you are at a school, check in with your counselors; if not, talk to our counselors at Robron Center. (250) 923.4918