Campbell River Distributed Learning
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Meet Our Staff

​Chris Cottell: BNRS., PDP Secondary

eBos teacher at Timberline Secondary, beach volleyball player and coach. Long time non-runner, recently converted to running enthusiast. Interested in Distributed Learning because of its place for self-motivated students who want to work at a pace not necessarily found in the regular classroom.


​Sherri-Lynn Van Gemeren: BA, M.Ed

Continuing Education teacher at Robron Centre, Sherri-Lynn enjoys hiking, renovating, mucking about in her large vegetable garden, cooking, and playing with her two boys in the backyard or at the beach. For the past 20 years she has taught all grades from K-12, as well as adults. She plans to go on the road where she and her husband will homeschool the boys using Distributed Learning. Sherri-Lynn finds humour in misplaced modifiers and malapropisms.


​Shane Harle: B.Ed, M.Ed

Shane has taught most subject areas with his main focus on Gifted & Talented programs, art, and physical education. Shane's goal is to help create excited learners, excellent skiers and leaders of tomorrow. Shane has been a teacher in Campbell River for 20 years.


​Lindsey Heslop: BA, B.Ed

eBos teacher at Timberline Secondary School, Lindsey began teaching in 2011 and has since become involved with Distributed Learning. At Timberline, Lindsey teaches Social Studies, International Co-op, and runs the eBos program. She loves reading, travelling and discovering new ways to connect learners with the material they are studying.


​Greg Johnson: BA, B.Ed, MALT

District Principal of Aboriginal Education and Alternate Programs, Greg loves the fact that Distributed Learning allows students to pursue their passions at a time and place that works best for them. The "Food Network" is his favourite distributed learning site. Cooking, music and reading are Greg's passions.


​Emily Kobetitch: BA, B.Ed

eBlend teacher K-9, Emily is a hiking, camping and fishing enthusiast, a book worm and a history buff. She started teaching in 2012 and is excited about the learning opportunities Distributed Learning provides.



Sarah OShannessy: BA, B.Ed

eBlend teacher K-9, Sarah began teaching in 2012 after years of working in youth and literacy programming. She loves to travel, cooking (but more importantly eating!), time spent with family and friends, being physically active and seizing every opportunity to learn new things. Sarah greatly appreciates this opportunity to work with families who are passionate about learning, and link homeschooled children with one another, as well as the School District, through the eBlend program.


lauren 2018.jpg
​Lauren Walker: MSc, B.Ed

Lauren has had the opportunity to work with students from Middle School to University, and enjoys helping students learn in the best way possible for them. She is a self-declared science nerd, avid gardener, and a full-fledged member of the soccer mom club. Lauren is happiest surrounded by her family either on a trail or in a canoe, and likes her skis best with a free heel.​


​Kai Taylor: B.Sc, B.Ed, MADL

Vice-principal of Distributed learning, Alternate Education and Instructional technology (DELAY-it), biology guy, bass player and tech lover. Somewhere between being a kid playing on the beach with crabs and being a dad with three kids he got a couple degrees, built some houses and travelled a lot. Lover of life-long learning and white water. Kai has been teaching Biology and  Math courses in Campbell River for the past 20 years.