Campbell River Distributed Learning
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Why Choose 72Ways2Learn
​Sometimes a traditional classroom setting does not work. You want a course outside the timetable. The course you want to take doesn't fit. You work. Or you just learn better when you do things at your own pace.
Whatever the reason, wherever you are, access to challenging, engaging and connected courses and learning materials is what 72 Ways can provide.
All educators involved in our programs are in the schools of Campbell River. They believe in a blended approach, combining face-to-face instruction with online learning to create a learning environment that works for each individual. This has resulted in an 80 percent success rate for students taking our distributed learning courses something we are very proud of!
So whether you are a current student wanting to pick up a course, a learner doing homeschool, an adult learner, or an athlete missing too many school days for training, check out want we have and give us a call.