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Student Success Stories

We could tell you how great our programs are, but why, when you can hear it from our students or their parents!

"I needed to finish my classes but I was working full time and dealing with a busy schedule. In Continuing Ed. I did my course work through Moodle. I could do my schoolwork when it was convenient for me and work at my own pace. I was able to start my course immediately after signing up in February and I had it completed by April. The program allowed me to submit and edit my work at any time, as well as allowing me to review my teacher's notes, my grades, and my general progress at any time, right on the website. The material was easy to learn as the site provides text, audio, and images as learning tools. If I got stuck on one section, I could simply make an appointment to see my teacher for help, and move ahead on other material while waiting for my appointment.
Moodle is an easy and convenient way to do your classes. The layout is simple to learn and you can do it from anywhere that has an internet connection.

It is a great program, a good learning tool, and an easy and convenient way to do your courses. I highly recommend it!"


​"Regular classes are way too structured; there are always due dates and stuff. I like to go at my own pace, which isn't as fast as all the other kids; it just works better for me, and I usually do better quality work when I am not rushed. When you are trying to get it done faster, you are going to miss some things."


"I can be very involved in my child's learning."


"if you are looking to inject some energy and passion into your child's education, then Podium of Life has that and so much more to offer" - parent of a Grade 8 student


"I can work at my own pace. I like that in one class I can switch between subjects or work on one thing for the whole day."


"I like it because I can take it pretty much anywhere. I can just do it there, I don't have to make it back to school. I can just show up and do my work and then take it home with me when I don't really need a teacher."


"Podium of Life is about achieving your goals and making you the best person you can be!"


"Flexible learning - projects and options, parents can help children present learning in a different way."


"I don't want to get just a pass anymore. I want to be able to reach that B or A."