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A Message From Penfield Staff 2019-2020

Each September offers new opportunities for student success. Beginning the school year well sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Each child has received a letter of welcome from his or her 2019-2020 classroom teacher, and teachers look forward to meeting the parents of their students. At Penfield School we value the insights that parents provide about the learning needs of their children. Teachers, many are parents themselves, understand how important communication between school and home is to help the students we all care so much about.

Regular home and school communication is important to children's learning. When teachers and parents talk together about student progress, children do better in school. Developing a strong, positive relationship with your child's teacher works in everyone's favour. When parents and teachers communicate well and work together, everyone comes out ahead—the student, the parents, and the teacher.

Have a wonderful 2019-20 school year of learning.

Penfield Staff


Penfield Elementary and the Campbell River School District values the role parents play in their children's education. You are your child's first teacher, and this job continues into the school years, as parents and teachers work together to ensure each child has a successful school experience.

School staff are happy to talk with you about how you can be involved in your child's learning and there are many opportunities to help enrich your child's educational experience.

Parents are also invited to volunteer through a variety of ways. Please contact the school office should you wish to learn more about how you can volunteer at Penfield Elementary.