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Board Adopts 10 Year Facility Plan with Changes

December 09, 2015

​After considering general questions and input received by members of the public at a confidential meeting on November 30, the board directed senior management to revise the language of several recommendations contained within the draft facility plan presented November 17. The changes were to reflect the questions, concerns, and feedback submitted by the public.

The revised recommendations were presented by Superintendent Tom Longridge and Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Patrick at the December 8 public board meeting.

At the December 8 meeting, members of the public had further opportunity for input by offering a verbal public submission or an agenda submission. No agenda submissions were received, and only one public submission was made by Jim Abram, chair of the Strathcona Regional District.

Following extensive discussion and question of each recommendation, the board voted on each recommendation separately and the final result was that all recommendations were accepted with the approved changes. A motion was then passed to accept the amended report as the 10 year facility plan.

The board has now directed senior management to provide their recommendation and rationale at the January 12 public meeting for which two elementary schools within the greater Campbell River area the board should consider for possible closure.

Once schools are identified for closure there will be a school closure process as required by the Ministry of Education under the School Act and in accordance with the school district’s existing permanent or temporary school closure policy (E-03), which can be found on the district website at www.sd72.bc.ca/districtadmin/operationalprocedures/Policies/E-03 Permanent or Temporary School Closures.pdf  This process would include its own series of meetings with the affected school communities.

The 2015-2025 facility plan can be found on the district website at www.sd72.bc.ca/Publications/SD72 Facility Plan 2015-2025.pdf