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Message from Education Minister - Changes to the New Curriculum Implementation Schedule for Grades 10-12

November 06, 2017

Update on B.C.’s New Curriculum from Education Minister Rob Fleming

November 3, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our government would like to do everything we can to ensure children are ready for the challenges of tomorrow, and that students develop the collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills that post-secondary institutions and employers are looking for. To that end, the Ministry of Education is in the midst of rolling out a new curriculum that benefits students by preparing them with new knowledge, skills and abilities that will be needed in a rapidly changing world.

British Columbia is already a world leader in education - our students regularly rank among the best in international assessments. The new curriculum is ensuring they remain at the top of the class and are fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Kindergarten to Grade 9 teachers are already using the new curriculum, and Grade 10-12 teachers are currently trialing it in their classrooms.

In my first three months as Minister, I engaged with many partners in the education sector, and continue to hear overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new curriculum and how it is working in classrooms for students of all ages. At the same time, teachers, parents and educational leaders have expressed the need for more time to ensure the transition to the new curriculum goes smoothly for the critically important graduation years.

As Minister of Education, it is one of my top priorities to ensure all students experience a seamless transition to the new curriculum. That is why we are adding an additional year of transition time to bring in the Grade 11-12 curriculum - now all students will be using it starting in September 2019. The Grade 10 curriculum will be implemented as planned in September 2018.

I am confident teachers, administrators, post-secondary institutions and education leaders all across the province will use this extra time to make sure everyone is ready, including students and parents. Teachers will now have more time to prepare and organize classroom supports and resources, and the new curriculum will be well-aligned with post-secondary admission requirements so students have the best possible chance for future success.

The curriculum and graduation requirements have been, and continue to be, thoughtfully designed and reviewed by hundreds of teachers and in collaboration with education partners across the province.

With this extra year, we will ensure teachers have what they need to support students as they develop the skills they need to transition smoothly to the post-secondary institutions and jobs of their choice.

Below you will find details on exactly how this change will affect students, including information on the provincial graduation assessments. If students or parents have specific concerns about the new curriculum, the graduation program or post-secondary requirements, I encourage them to get in touch with their teacher or school principal.


Rob Fleming
Minister of Education

When is it changing?

Grade 11-12 curriculum will be fully implemented in September 2019, one year later than previously planned.

The Grade 10 curriculum will be implemented as planned in September 2018.

The new Provincial Literacy Graduation Assessment will be moved to align with the new Grade 11 and 12 curriculum implementation, with the first assessment scheduled for January 2020.

As previously planned, the Provincial Numeracy Graduation Assessment will be taken for the first time in January 2018 as part of a staged roll-out, with another session in June 2018.

For more detailed information, please visit https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/graduation

How will this change affect me?

Students currently in Grade 9 and younger will continue their learning with the new curriculum throughout their graduation years. Students in this group will participate in the 2018 Graduation Program, and take the new graduation assessments.

Students currently in Grade 10 may take the Provincial Numeracy Assessment starting in January 2018, and they will take the Provincial Literacy Assessment in January, June or August 2020.

Students currently in Grade 11 will continue on the current curriculum and will take the new Numeracy Assessment prior to graduation.

Students currently in Grade 12 will not be affected by these changes, and will continue to work towards completion using the 2004 Graduation Program requirements.