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Literacy Competition Gets Students Reading

March 23, 2018

​Sudden death, or sudden win as it was renamed by master of ceremonies Craig Gillis, was required before a champion could be declared in the grade 5 contest of School District 72’s 15th annual Battle of the Books at Timberline Secondary on March 20.

Students in grades 3 through 8 have been preparing for the annual literacy competition since October by reading a list of six books chosen for their respective grade levels by the district’s teacher-librarians. Student teams then compete in question-and-answer competitions to test their recollection and knowledge of the material they read.

At each elementary and middle school, teams competed first to be school champions. The top two teams from each middle school went to the district championship, while the elementary school champions had to win a zone championship before moving to the district championship where only three teams per grade competed.

The grade 3 champions this year were Ava Gorst, Cashlin Millward and Kahlil Paroo from École des Deux Mondes. The grade 4 champions were The Revenge of the Nerds from Quadra Elementary comprised of Fionn Lenahan, Rowan Truhart and Kale Wilson. The Magic Readers from École Willow Point won the grade 5 championship. They were Ty Gundling, Michael McGurk and Kyle Ternan.

The middle school champions this year were The Order of the Phoenix, from École Phoenix Middle School. The winners were Avora Maitland-Collins and two other students who cannot be named due to privacy requests.

The Battle of the Books began as a creative concept by School District 72 teacher-librarians to encourage students to read quality fiction books.