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Cross Catchment Transfers for Sept. 2019

January 17, 2019

Our school district endeavors to create safe, caring and supportive learning environments in order for all students to experience success. Parents and legal guardians can request a school for their child outside of their neighbourhood catchment school.

In order to request a school other than their neighbourhood catchment school for September 2019, the child must be registered at the catchment school before submitting an Application for Cross Catchment Transfer. Applications for Cross Catchment Transfer should be submitted to the school board office (425 Pinecrest Road) or by email to student.registration@sd72.bc.ca by 4 p.m. on Friday, February 8, 2019. 

(Click here to download the Cross Catchment Transfer Application Forms)

Applications are considered on a first-come-first-served basis and applications submitted after February 8 will be processed as late applications. Approval will be dependent upon space and facilities for the program and staffing resources appropriate for the applicant and applications will be considered based on the date and time that they were received.

It is also important for parents and guardians to consider that, should their application be approved, they will be responsible for providing transportation to and from the school they are applying to, and to and from subsequent levels of schooling, in accordance with our district's operational procedure 380 (Student Transportation).


February 8The deadline by which a student should submit a form to attend a non-catchment school or district program.

March 31The date by which School District 72 will notify transfer applicants of the status of their application.

Students applying after February 8 will be placed on a wait list that will be reviewed and processed during the first week of school. The student is to continue to attend their present school until they are informed otherwise.

Once an Application for Cross Catchment Transfer has been approved, the student can stay at that school and move to its subsequent feeder school without having to submit additional applications. However, if parents/guardians decide to return their child to their neighbourhood catchment school they must submit another Application for Cross Catchment Transfer.

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