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Proposed School Calendar for 2019-2020 Available for Input

February 06, 2019

At the February 5 public board meeting, the Board of Education passed a motion to make the draft calendar for the 2019/2020 school years available for public feedback. 

In presenting the draft calendar to the board, Superintendent Morrow stated that school calendars should ultimately reflect and support the vision and goals of the district's Strategic Plan. Since the district is about to start the process of developing the next Strategic Plan, following discussion with the calendar consultation committee, Superintendent Morrow made minor adjustments to the previously proposed calendar, which will conclude the two-year calendar development cycle started by the prior superintendent.

Then beginning in the fall of 2020, Superintendent Morrow will begin a calendar consultation process to develop calendars for the next three school years, affording family, staff, and the community the opportunity to proactively plan around the school calendars.

The calendar consultation process will include the opportunity for representatives from the Board of Education, Campbell River Principals' and Vice-Principals' Association, Campbell River District Teachers' Association, CUPE Local 723, the District Parent Advisory Council, senior management, the Core Pro-D coordinator, Indigenous Education Advisory Council, and students from Carihi and Timberline secondary schools to be heard.

The proposed calendar has school opening on the first Tuesday after Labour Day and a one-week spring break. While feedback indicates a desire for a two-week spring break, with Easter falling so late next year the only way to accommodate a two-week spring break would be to add additional minutes to the instructional day and that would require extensive consultation and thorough consideration.

Feedback can be sent by email to school.calendar@sd72.bc.ca, up to and including March 15. The final school calendar is required to be submitted to the Ministry of Education by March 31.