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Board Approves 2019/2020 School Calendar

March 20, 2019

​At its March 19 public board meeting, the Campbell River Board of Education passed a motion to approve the 2019/2020 school year calendar. This decision comes after some minor changes to non-instructional and student-led conference/parent-teacher interview days, based on feedback from staff, students and the community and following discussion with the district’s calendar consultation committee.

While parents and staff expressed a desire for a two-week spring break, the final calendar still only includes a one-week break. A two-week break would require the district to add additional minutes to the instructional day and that requires more extensive consultation than the Ministry’s March 31 calendar deadline would allow.
The 2019/2020 calendar concludes the two-year calendar development cycle started by former superintendent, Tom Longridge. Beginning in the fall of 2020, Superintendent Morrow will begin a calendar consultation process to develop calendars for the next three school years, affording families, staff and the community the opportunity to proactively plan around the school calendar.

This new development process will also afford the district more time and space to consider the broader instructional and operational implications of calendar development and ensure that the calendars reflect and support the district’s strategic plan.

Feedback that has been reflected in the new calendar includes: changes to the previously scheduled student-led conference/parent-teacher interview day in November, a non-instructional day on November 1 to allow students a day to regroup after Halloween, a non-instructional day change from February 10 to February 14 to allow for a four-day weekend over the Family Day holiday, and two dates for student-led conferences/parent-teacher interviews in the spring – March 5 for elementary and middle school students and April 21 for secondary school students.

All school districts throughout British Columbia are required to confirm the school calendar for the following school year by March 31.

SD72 2019-2020 School Calendar