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Letter to Parents: MyEdBC Info Verification

January 10, 2020

January 10, 2020

Dear parents/guardians,

At the start of this new calendar year, our schools have switched to the new student information system called MyEdBC. As we shared in October, this software tool is already being used in 56 of the 60 school districts in the province. Our school district, along with three others, are part of the final implementation which will then see MyEdBC used by all 60 school districts, province wide.

MyEdBC will provide the school district with a more seamless and accurate data system, able to connect with all other BC school districts. As parents, this is particularly significant if you choose to move and have your child attend a different school as this will make the transfer of your child's student information better and more secure whether it's a move to attend another school in Campbell River or elsewhere in BC.

As one of many checks to ensure that we have accurately captured all the information from the old system to the new MyEdBC system, we will be sending home a copy of the verification form which you returned earlier this school year. We ask that when you get this form, you review it again, update any necessary information and return it to your child's school as soon as possible.

From now until the end of this school year we will continue to use Parent Connect to post student attendance and term/final grades and a paper copy report card will be issued at the end of June.

Starting next school year, the district will begin having parents access their child's student information through MyEdBC and will convert to a new report card component, but we will communicate all of those changes to you in a timely manner and will provide any necessary instructions to ensure that you always have clear access to your child's student information.

If at any time you have questions or concerns about your child's progress, please speak with their teacher(s) and school principal.


Dr. Jeremy Morrow
Superintendent of Schools

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