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IMPORTANT: Letter to Parents re: Parent Connect Functionality

February 05, 2020

​February 5, 2020

Dear parents/guardians,

This letter is to inform you of some important service impacts within our Parent Connect system. Unfortunately, while the district continues its transition to our new student information system, MyEdBC, we have encountered some difficulties in connecting the data updated at your child's school back into Parent Connect.

While we had hoped to continue to use Parent Connect in a limited fashion until the end of this school year, this means that Parent Connect is no longer fully functional. Starting tomorrow, February 6, parents may experience difficulties logging into Parent Connect, accessing information for more than one child, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information that you might see within the Parent Connect system.

We wish to assure you that your child(ren)'s information is still accurate and secure at their school office. Again, we just cannot guarantee, at this time, the accuracy of the information parents may see through the Parent Connect system.

The district remains committed to ensuring that you always have clear access to your child's student information and starting next school year, the district will begin having parents access their child's student information through MyEdBC. We will continue to communicate any changes and provide necessary instructions to you in a timely manner.

Should you have questions on your child(ren)'s progress, attendance, information, or need to make changes to emergency contact information, please contact your child's school office.


Philip Cizmic
Associate Superintendent of Schools