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Kindness initiative brightens the spirits of first responders

March 12, 2021

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With recent events in our community, two SD72 employees, Karen Lutz and Kelsey Creviston, were compelled to come together as parents and colleagues to try to find a way to bring some brightness out of a dark and challenging time. The idea of creating a way to spread simple acts of kindness enticed them to develop the Kindness Initiative for the Campbell River School District.

Being School District 72 employees, they came up with the idea to have students write thank you letters and cards to the community's first responders to help connect our youth to the many healthy adults in our community. Their hope is that these acts of kindness facilitate positive connections, talk, build empathy, and simply put a smile on someone's face.

As the first kindness intitiave got underway they were blown away by the enthusiasm from the students and the thoughtfulness of their words and ideas. Karen and Kelsey collaborated with Sandowne Elementary, Georgia Park Elementary, Penfield Elementary, Robron Centre, Southgate Middle School and École Phoenix Middle School. Letters and cards kept pouring in and they delivered close to 600 personal letters to local police officers, firefighters, paramedics, dispatchers, search and rescue, nurses and doctors. 

Karen and Kelsey say that their hearts are extremely full and they are beyond thankful for the efforts from students and teachers who participated in this project. They say they have more ideas for the future and that we should keep our eyes open for their second  kindness act which will be coming out after spring break.

A video about this project can be watched here: https://youtu.be/1nDnxFTqhI4

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