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Students May Be Able to Build an Airplane through Aviation Work Experience

November 18, 2013

School District 72, through Timberline Secondary School and in partnership with Sealand Aviation, is seeking expressions of interest from students who would like to help build a fully functional airplane.

Students would get the opportunity to apply math and science knowledge to practical, hands-on learning and could earn anywhere from 4 to 16 work experience credits, depending on their time commitment (120 hours will be the minimum).
Working as a team to build the plane with community mentors, students will also have the opportunity to take an occassional flight with aviation enthusiasts and complete flight school. This would be an educational experience that these students would never forget!
In order to go ahead, this joint work experience project will require 18 to 20 dedicated young people, ages 14 to 18. the project is open to students within this age range from both middle and secondary schools, as well as School District 72's Continuing Education program.
With sufficient interest, the project would start in February and require weekend participation, with a minimum commitment of one Saturday per month.
"This would be an amazing opportunity for students who are thinking they may be interested in a career in the aviation industry or military," says Timberline vice-principal Shawn Cowan. "Students will need to be reliable, punctual, and able to work cooperatively as part of a team. Perhaps most importantly, they will need to bring their passion for flight, space and airplanes into the hangar every shift."
Interested students and parents should contact career facilitator Diana Camerin (250) 923-9500 at extension 2523 by December 20.