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Head lice are common in BC communities. Although they are a bother, head lice are not a health risk.
Head lice spread quickly by close, head-to-head contact. Lice cannot live on furniture or carpet, and they cannot jump or fly. There may be few or no symptoms, but itching may occur.
You can help by:
 Checking your child’s head with the wet combing method of detection once a week throughout the year.
 Review the pamphlet How to Get Ride of Head Lice Wet Combing, available online, at your school and Public Health Unit.
 Encouraging your child to wear their hair tied back.
 Treating if you notice live lice on your child’s head.
 Reminding family and friends about the importance of routine head checks, using the wet combing method.
For more information:
 Your local Public Health Unit
 Read the HealthLink BC File on Head Lice HealthLink BC File #06 Head Lice

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