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Life-Threatening Food Allergies and Special Days

October 12, 2021


Food Allergies and Special Days


Special days like birthdays, Easter and year-end parties are times of celebration with friends and food. However, these can be very risky times for students with life-threatening food allergies.


School staff, parents and students can help to keep allergic students safe by creating "allergy-aware" classrooms and schools:


  • Clear communication between parents and teachers about special days and any food that might be offered
  • Avoidance strategies such as handwashing before and after eating and asking students not to share or trade food
  • Celebrate with stickers, games or prizes instead of food
  • Teach students about severe allergies and how they can help if a student is having a reaction
  • Remind allergic students to tell an adult right away when they might be having a reaction
  • Make sure all school staff know what to do if a student has a reaction


    Refer to your school's policies and regulations around life-threatening food allergies for more information.


    For more information:


Public Health

SN-HP-107-23-21 – Revised 2021-08-31



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