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October 12, 2021

When it comes to Halloween candy and tooth health, the "all or nothing" approach is best. Giving children their Halloween candy over days or weeks is not the best choice. The risk of tooth decay increases with the amount of sugar and the number of times teeth are exposed to it.
Tooth safe suggestions for enjoying Halloween treats are:
 Serve a healthy dinner (or snack) before trick-or-treating. You will know your child has eaten something nutritious on this exciting night.
 Limit the number of times teeth are exposed to sugar by encouraging children to eat treats at one sitting. Offer water and be sure to brush their teeth afterwards.
 Cut down on the number of sugary treats children receive by handing out "tooth-friendly" options like stickers, temporary tattoos, fancy pens and pencils, or toothbrushes!
And of course, remember to floss and brush with fluoride toothpaste before going to bed, or there could be some very scary results!
For more information:
 Island Health, Public Health - Dental:
Saanich Health Unit 250-519-5100
Esquimalt Health Unit 250-519-5311
Peninsula Health Unit 250-544-2400
West Shore Health Unit 250-519-3490
Duncan Health Unit 250-709-3050
Nanaimo Public Health 250-755-3342
Port Alberni Public Health Services 250-731-1315
Comox Valley Health Unit 250-331-8520
Campbell River Health Unit 250-850-2110
Port Hardy Health Unit 250-902-6071
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