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​It is time again for our annual PAC Bottle Drive fundraiser.  We will be collecting bottles by class.  Students are asked to bring the bottles and cans to the covered area (not the classrooms) January 29th before 9:30 am.  This year the funds will be donated toward the new playground and  Adam Clarkson and his family as they struggle with his conitued illness. 

There will be a competition between the classes to see who brings in the most recycling containers and the winners will get a skating or swimming pass for Strathcona Gardens.

More information is available at school on the PAC bulletin board or with your child's teacher. 

Volunteers are very welcome - Thursday from 8:30 to 9:30 in the covered area and at the Bottle Depot for sorting after 9:30.

Thank you for your support in our fundraising efforts!