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 Robron Is….. Connectedness

Community connectedness is of vital importance to Robron. In our alternative school, our students are remarkably diverse. We have Grade 8  12 students in Alternate Programs, K – 12 students in eBlend, and adults in Continuing Education. In order to fully meet our unique blend of students’ needs, we endeavour to provide support on as many levels as possible through a variety of part-time and full-time programs.

Our programs are founded on the tenets of Dr. Brokenleg’s Circle of Courage™ – Belonging, Generosity, Independence, and Mastery. We strive to model the four quadrants, as well as encourage the students to explore and extend their own paths to these traits. All of our connections with the community incorporate various aspects of the four areas and many overlap.

Robron is unique in housing both our classrooms and offices for community organizations. Agencies in our building include Child and Youth Mental Health, John Howard Society. Robron is also home to the Immigrant Welcome Centre, the Community Literacy Association, and the local Metis Association. Students who attend Robron have access to the supportive organizations in the building.

We have a lot going on at Robron, and we welcome opportunities to be out in our community raising awareness of our school, connecting with people and helping to blur the boundaries between youth, children, adults, and seniors as well as between schools and communities.

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Robron Centre Programs

 Apex

 Continuing Education

 eBlend - Home Learning

 Equinox

 Laichwiltach Learning Program

 Nexus Alternate (Senior Elm)

Other programs located at Robron

 Adult Literacy

 Community Access Program (CAP)