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Lauren Walker - Math / Science

 Continuing Education Staff


Sherri-Lynn Van Gemeren: BA, M.Ed
Continuing Education teacher at Robron Centre, Sherri-Lynn enjoys hiking, renovating,
mucking about in her large vegetable garden, cooking, and playing with her two boys
in the backyard or at the beach. For the past 20 years she has taught all grades
from K-12,as well as adults.
She plans to go on the road where she and her husband will homeschool the boys
using Distributed Learning. Sherri-Lynn finds humour in misplaced modifiers and malapropisms.

Lauren Walker

Continuing Education teacher at Robron Centre.

Kai Taylor: B.Sc, B.Ed, MADL
Vice-principal Robron Center, biology guy, bass player and tech lover.
Somewhere between being a kid playing on the beach with crabs and being a dad with three kids
he got a couple degrees, built some houses and travelled a lot.
Lover of life-long learning and white water.
Kai has been teaching Biology 12 and senior math courses in Campbell River for the past 17 years.