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Age group:  Grades 10 - 12                 Hours:  9:00-2:30 Monday through Thursday
                                                                        Optional academics day Friday
Equinox is a structured, safe, and supportive full-day program with a small class size for students in Grades 10 to 12 who are ready to attend and participate in the opportunities provided.  
Equinox is for students who wish to graduate in an alternative setting with non-traditional academic experiences.  Students will earn credits for graduation through activity based learning, collaborative group work, community service, and life skills development with the goal of creating a successful transitioin from school to appropriate career pathways. 
Students work on their courses throughout the full year of the program, allowing blending between courses such as Leadership and English or Communications; Art and Math; Physical Education and Science.  This allows students to complete meaningful work that incorporates the educational outcomes of multiple courses.  The courses offered enable students to complete their BC Dogwood or Adult Dogwood Diploma, or work towards a School Completion Certificate.
Some of the activities ini which students may participate include:
  • Fitness centre training
  • Bi-weekly recreational programming at Yucalta Lodge Senior Centre
  • Bi-weekly "Little Buddkes" program at an elementary School
  • Harm Reduction Peer Educator Training
  • Bakiing and cooking
  • Guest artitsts and art lessons
  • Community fundraising
  • Phys. Ed. trips (skating, swimming, disc golf, gymnastics, rock clmbing)
  • "Alive After Five" Work Safe BC training
  • Campbell River Museum, arts and culture trips

Teacher:  Christine Pudsey;                                              Educational Assistant:  Debbie Fowler