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Robron Centre
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Age group: Grades 8 - 12                          Hours:  9:00 - 2:30 Monday - Thursday
The Apex Program is intended for students who are under 19 and are looking to graaduate with a BC dogwood or Adult dogwood Diploma, or work towards a School completion Certificate.
This program provides fulll-day academic programs that combine project-based learning, community service and life skills development in an alternative setting.  Many learning styles are accommodated.  Extra supports such as quiet space and emotional support will be provided as needed.
Students in the program will:
  • Support one another in our academics and social situations.
  • Not tolerate bullying or other things that will tet in the way of their learning.
  • Attend because they want another way to do well at school.

Teachers:  Kelsey Creviston, Nathan Biller                                                               Educational Assistants:  Tammy Dodge, Tracey Nelson