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First Nations Studies

Gilakalsa! Welcome! Come as you are.  My name is Ms. Danita Lewis and I am Southgate's First Nations teacher.

During the exploratory you will have the opportunity to learn about the following:

- Diversity

- Regalia

- Education/Storytelling

- Art

- Field Trips

- Project


You are expected to arrive on time, use positive language, to treat each other fairly and to bring the following supplies:

- duotang

- pencil

- pencil crayons

Only one person speaks at a time unless you are doing group work.


First Nations Studies values the traditional teachings of the Seven Grandfathers:

1.  To cherish KNOWLEDGE is to know WISDOM

2.  To know LOVE is to know PEACE

3.  To honour all of creation/universe is to have RESPECT

4.  Bravery is to face the foe with INTEGRITY

5.  HONESTY is facing a situation with TRUTH and SINCERITY

6.  TRUTH is to know all of these things.