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Woodwork 6,7,8 and Shop Overviews

Rules and Expectations for these courses ~ Mr. Lagos

For a lot of kids coming into a shop for the first time it can be a pretty intimidating and scary experience!  Hearing stories of mishaps from their older siblings and parents has a lot to do with this 'preconceived' view of what 'really happens' in a shop.  What really happens in my shop is, having fun first and foremost; without sacrificing safety.  What also happens in my shop is discovering self-empowerment and building self-esteem, while building self-confidence at the same time!  Also, know that there are certain expectations demanded of students when they enter my shop in regards to maturity and personal conduct.  It is their personal responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that keeps a harmonious atmosphere within the shop.  Some things to know about me:  I put my heart and soul into 'my kids' and the time we spend together.  I always have and I always will!  Also know that, your child and your child's safety and successes are extremely important to me!  I try to push kids to challenge themselves and to be the best they can be and I don't settle for mediocrity!  If there is a way to improve a project I am going to make them improve it before it is taken home.  I was raised to believe, "If you're going to do something, do it right, or don't do it at all".  Hopefully, none of us strive for mediocrity in our professional lives and I won't accept that in woodwork.  Many of my former students have gone onto professions with skills that they learned in a shop class and a few of them have actually gone on to become shop teachers even after I tried to talk them out of it!  LOL.  Like the adult world, attendance, work habits and ethics, and arriving to class on time and being prepared to work are all expected and enforced!

WOODWORK 6:  Introduces the student to basic woodworking skills, machines and tools.  Assessment is based on shop conduct and safety, co-operation, attendance and finished projects (hot-plate holder, signs, fish bonkers, etc.)

WOODWORK 7:  Is a continuation of the skills and fundamentals learned in Woodwork 6, with more advanced machines, tools and projects being introduced into the mix.  Again, assessment is based on shop conduct and safety, co-operation, attendance and finished projects (boxes, signs, candle holders, lathe projects, burl projects, etc.)

WOODWORK & SHOP 8:  Is where advanced concepts and projects are introduced after mastering the tools and skills learned in Woodwork 6 and 7.  Projects such as skateboard 1/2 pipes, tables, burl bowls are just a few examples of projects introduced in Woodwork 8.  Once again, assessment and grades are based on shop conduct and safety, co-operation, attendance and finished projects.