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​​To register your child(ren), please contact the school Counselling office during regular school hours Monday to Friday during the school year, or the week before school starts in September.  You may contact them by email at timberline.counselling@sd72.bc.ca or by phoning 250 923 9500.

For your convenience, completing the forms from the link on the right side of this page will aid and speed the registration process.  You may wish to print or fill in the fillable student registration forms at this link prior to coming into the school, or sending it ahead and calling in for an appointment to meet with a counselor to discuss your student's registration and their course selection.

At the time of registering your student at Timberline Secondary, please be sure to include the following in addition to all registration documents in the registration folder below, whether they are delivered in person or via Email (in PDF form only please to timberline.counselling@sd72.bc.ca) or by fax (250-923-9526): 

  1. Copy of your Child's Birth Certificate.
  2. Copy of their BC Medical Care Card.
  3. Proof of residency at the time of registration (Please see sample list below)
  4. Most recent Report Card.
  5. Current Transcript of Grades.

Some acceptable proof of current residency samples are several of the following:  a hydro, heat or phone bill in the parent or legal guardian's name with the current address where the student will be living.  A copy of a rental or mortgage agreement showing the address and parent or legal guardian's name is another proof of residency.

Should your student be a non-resident or non-Canadian citizen of Canada, please contact our International Schools office @ 250-923-4918, Ext. 2237, or Email at international@sd72.bc.ca, prior to completing any registration documents below, to confirm whether your student would be considered as a fee paying student.

For the Anaphylactic Form, completing the form needs to be completed only if your student has a current allergy which may result in an anaphylactic reaction.