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Foods 1​​

Clueless in the kitchen? Want to move beyond a bowl of cereal when hunger strikes? Foods 1 will provide you with the tools and know-how to feed yourself well. Emphasis is placed on fundamentals, such as kitchen safety, proper food handling, and basic cooking techniques. Working in groups, we strive for as many cooking days as possible while exploring the flavors and foods from around the world.


Foods 2

We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly. – Anna Thomas And that is why we have this course! Foods 2 is a broad exploration of food that focuses on kitchen basics, nutrition, cooking techniques and theory that will allow students to develop their skill set and confidence in the best room of the house. Classes are highly participatory with ample group work and hands-on activity. At the end of the semester we’ll have a class competition modelled on the popular cooking show “Chopped.”​

Professional Cook 1 (at North Island College) 

If you are ready to start your career as a chef then this is your first level of professional training.  Students will be registered full time in their Grade 12 year in the Professional Cook 1 program.  This is an ITA recognized program.  For additional information please see Ms. Camerin. 



​Foods 3

Julia Child once said that “People who love to eat are always the best people.” Building upon Foods 2, the ultimate goal of Foods 3 is complete competency in the kitchen. Students will move through a variety of cuisines, practicing techniques and becoming familiar with flavor​ profiles. Students will also have opportunities to design their own dishes and improvise with ingredients. Special consideration is given to contemporary pressing food issues that every food lover should be aware of.​

Prep Cook (at North Island College)

 Begin exploring your career as a chef through this introduction to professional cooking.  This four month program gives students the basic safety, knowledge and credentials to start a career in a busy commercial kitchen, restaurant, resort or camp.  Students will learn: soups, stocks, sauces, vegetable dishes, salads, sandwiches, cookies and quick breads as well as FoodSafe, Occupational First Aid and WHMIS.  This is a great introduction to the Professional Cook 1 program.  SD72 will help with the costs of tuition.  Please note there is a cost to the student for the program.  See Ms. Camerin for details.  


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Foods and Nutrition