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Coop Ed 10, 11, 12

Not sure what you want to do after graduation?  Want to take a peak into a career that you cannot access?   The Coop Ed program is available to any student who is 15 years of age or older.  For students who are unsure what they want to do the in-depth exploration of available careers and careers in demand may be just what you need to put all the pieces together for a plan after graduation. For those students who have a clear pathway Coop provides you the in-depth look at the career field prior to spending the funds going to college.  The Coop program may be the introduction you need to become hired at the end of the placement or secure an apprenticeship.   This is a program where students earn 8 credits while exploring careers through UNPAID work experience. This is a great opportunity for students to earn valuable skills and gain valuable work references from 240 hours of work experience in such areas as teaching, forestry, Coast Guard, firefighting and many other career pathways that normally do not accept students as workers.  . When a student applies to Co-op 12A/12B their schedule is arranged so Blocks C and D (afternoons) are set aside to pursue work experience. Four weeks of classes which focus on job training and a variety of workplace skills are covered in class. Based on the students skills and focus area employers are then found for the remaining hours of Work Experience placed with an employer (or employer’s) for a total of 240 hours of work experience.​​  

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