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Scholarship and Bursary Information 

There a wide variety of scholarships and bursaries available to students moving to post-secondary institutions. There are four areas for students to explore:

  1. The Timberline Counselling website: http://www.sd72.bc.ca/school/timberline/Departments/Counselling/Pages/default.aspx

    There are many links on this site to scholarship search engines, scholarship sites and post-secondary institutions scholarship information.
  2. The Financial Aid Office of the post-secondary institution being considered.
  3. The files and postings in the Timberline Counselling Office.
  4. Any service group or employer that any member of your family is associated with.

    To optimize your chances of getting a scholarship or bursary:
  1. Keep your grades as high as you can.
  2. Work toward having a well-rounded resume with service, leadership and citizenship activities as part of your profile.
  3. Keep your resume up to date.
  4. Develop a comprehensive file of reference letters from people who know you well. Give the references specific information about what you need the letter for, ample time to write it and your resume to draw information from it required.
  5. Have a 300 – 500 word essay about yourself prepared tell why you are a good candidate for a scholarship or bursary.
  6. Apply early. Do not leave your application until the last minute.
  7. Research as many possible sources for scholarships and bursaries as you can and apply for them. An hour or two spent completing an application could be worth a $1000. The best hourly wage you may ever make

What is the difference between scholarships, grants and bursaries?

  1. Scholarships are money awards you get for your academic performance (high grades) or other achievements.
  2. Grants are money awards you get based on high grades or financial need. You can also receive a grant when you carry out academic research projects.
  3. Bursaries are money awards you get based on your financial needs
  4. Loans are repayable and based on financial need