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​Cafeteria/Chef Training 10 to 12 (Double Block)

This course is an expansion to our Level 1 & 2 cafeteria program. Beside the tasks described under Level 1 & 2 you will explore a variety of international cuisines and learn about all their unique ingredients. You will develop hands-on skills to include in your resume to help you get a job. You will earn your food safe certificate as a part of the class. This course will require level 1 Cafeteria, and you will take on a leadership role during A and B block and over lunch serving customers. Classes will include theory and hands on practical skills. We will take field trips to local farms, restaurants and commercial suppliers. You will learn how to grow food in the Carihi garden and make delicious, nutritious meals from the harvest. You will gain practical valuable skills to feed yourself for the rest of your life. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a chef you can connect to the Ace-It program and get a head start on your training. There will be a cost for the Food-Safe Certification.​​

Hockey Academy Girls and Boys 9-12

This Academy is open to players of all abilities. Participants would be expected to play or have played on a community team and perhaps have hopes of playing Hockey beyond their High School years. This is a physically demanding course where both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems are challenged. Tactical and technical sessions will be intense and a strong level of fitness is required. Guest coaches and additional sports related seminars will be provided. There will be a fee associated with this course. Contact John Bowers at Carihi for further information (250 286-6282)


 Ignite Athlete Development Girls and Boys 9-12

This program introduces athletes to a high performance lifestyle improving their athleticism, physical literacy and fitness through a multi-sport training program which is complimentary to the needs of their current sport. We introduce key body weight and strength training exercises that form the core of many resistance training programs. Athletes will be introduced to key Olympic lifts such as the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. There will be a fee associated with this course, and it runs outside the timetable: 2 mornings and I afternoon per week. Contact Georgina Knox at Carihi for further information (250) 286 6282)


DRIVE 10-12 

The Digital Recording Integrated Video and English (DRIVE) program is an 8 credit, 2 block program at Carihi

Secondary. DRIVE is for Grade 10, 11 and 12 students. DRIVE students push their own pace. You design and/or choose assignments that let you meet English 10, 11 or 12 ( EN-12 on line) and Video Productions learning outcomes rather than writing tests. The harder you work, the faster you finish. If you are a highly creative, task-driven student who earned a C+ or higher in English 9, sign up for DRIVE Interested students will go through an interview process prior to selection to the DRIVE program. DRIVE is for career-minded Grade 10,11 and 12 students only. DRIVE is affiliated with the Capilano University Film and Television School in Vancouver, one of the most prestigious post-secondary film schools in BC.


Emergency Medical Responder 12

The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Course offers fundamental medical training for anyone entering the health care field. This entry-level medical course will train students to respond to trauma and medical emergencies. The EMR course is systematically designed to progress learners through all aspects of pre-hospital care including various treatment guidelines and medical protocols. The course also focuses heavily on enhancing situational management skills, confidence and communication within the context of emergency medicine and pre-hospital care. As learners develop through the course, they are introduced to essential concepts of emergency medicine and establish a basic foundation in medical terminology, human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical science. 

The skills and training attained through the EMR course meet and exceed occupational first aid training.

Employment opportunities for licensed Emergency Medical Responders may include:

Ambulance Medics Fire Departments In Industry: Mining / Oil / Forestry / Gas etc.

First Aid Attendants Ski-Patrollers First Responders Occupational/Indus​trial First Aid settings

Prerequisite: Must be a Grade 12 student Course Fee: Approx. $300.00

Offered inside the school timetable


 Carihi Forestry Program 

Are you tired of learning in the traditional classroom setting? Do you wish you could be outside learning more about your natural environment? Do you wonder about different jobs/careers available within our provincial forest sector? Well then this is the class for you! This two block course encompasses project and inquiry based learning strategies used to educate students in BC's largest natural resource—FORESTY. This course includes numerous field trips allowing students to get an up close look at how our forests are managed, maintained, and protected, while earning a graduating science credit. Units covered in this course include, but are not limited to: forest management practices, surveying techniques, harvesting procedures, tree & plant identification, and regeneration/planting strategies. Students will be building employable skills using a hand's on learning approach, while earning their science 11 or 12 credit (sustainable resources 11/12), and a forestry 11/12 elective credit.​