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Physical & Health Education

Basketball PE 10/11/12​​

Basketball PE is a course for those basketball enthusiasts who are looking to develop their individual and team skills in a competitive environment. If you seek a PE course with a greater fitness component, more intense competition, and higher expectationsβ€”all with a basketball focusβ€”this is the course for you. (While we will focus on basketball, students can expect to participate in other PE activities throughout the course). Once registered, students must complete and submit an application form (available in the Timberline PE Office) to be considered for a spot. While all are welcome to apply, consideration will be given to those who have displayed dedication to the sport and a positive attitude/work ethic in previous PE courses. β€‹

PE 9/10​

Having fun while being active is the focus of PE 9 and 10. Students can expect to participate in traditional PE activities as well as learning new skills, sports and games. As in all PE courses, working on individual fitness will also be a component of this course. Students can expect to explore various methods of improving or maintaining fitness. A weekly jog is mandatory. Athletic clothing and footwear are required.​

Soccer PE 10/11/12

You will play soccer in PE. Cleats mandatory. β€‹β€‹

Choices PE 11/12​

Choices PE 11/12 provides an opportunity for students to choose and experience a variety of physical/health activities within the school and the community. Students will create their "wish list" and then the course will be designed to meet the desires of as many students as possible. Along with the regular host of PE activities, students may also choose to pursue things like golf, mountain biking, first aid, swimming, skating, and more. Students will also be expected to complete two mandatory units focussing on health and community recreation. 

​Fields PE 10/11/12

Fields PE is a course for those who are drawn to the outdoors. Rain or shine, we will be out on the field learning skills, working on our fitness, and playing a wide array of outdoor sports and games.  As we like to say in the PE Department, "There is no bad weather, just poor clothing choices." If you register for this course, be sure that you have warm, waterproof clothing, cleats, and a full change of clothes every day. Units will include: softball, football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, lacrosse, and  kickball. We will also take advantage of the Sportsplex facilities on occasion. β€‹


​Body Zen 10/11/12

If you’re looking for an ALL GIRLS class where the focus is on overall wellness, then Body Zen is for you. This course will take place in a non-competitive and non-judgmental environment, where there is no need to feel self conscious or discouraged by your level of skill or ability. Physical activities will include: yoga, a weekly walk and/or jog, Pilates, video led exercise programs, as well as other activities the class is  interested in exploring. Together we will develop body-mind awareness and the ability to nurture your own well-being. 


Co-ed PE 11/12

​Want to keep fit and have fun? Students can expect to participate in a variety of team and individual sports in a co-ed setting. Working on individual fi tness will also be a component of this course.
Community recreation activities will take place only if funding is available.​​


Volleyball PE 10/11/12

Volleyball rocks at Timberline! This award winning program is aimed at students with a strong desire to play competitive volleyball. Students can expect to learn a variety of skills, strategies and systems in the sport of volleyball. Knowledge of rules and officiating are included as well as a weekly run. Other P.E. activities, jump training and individual fitness are included in this course. Gym strip, indoor court shoes, as well as outdoor running shoes are required. 

​​Beach Volleyball 9/10/11/12

This course will begin in the Timberline gym during the winter months and then move to the Sportsplex sand courts once they are ready. Students will participate in some other traditional PE activities, but the primary focus will be on the skills and strategies of beach volleyball. A weekly jog will also be part of this course. Outdoor gym strip, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat are required supplies for this class.​

​Fitness PE 11/12

Tired of doing only one run per week?  Missing out on regular weight-room time? Fitness PE has the solutions you seek. While several sports and games will be offered throughout the course, our primary focus will be fitness. Students will have a chance to train every day, set goals, and track their progress in a focused environment. Key elements of the course will be: cardiovascular/aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility, and  muscular strength/endurance. Students will also work through a theory component that will include nutrition, anatomy, injury prevention, and general well-being.  β€‹