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How to reach me


What is it that I do for your child?

  1. Make a connection with students and parents.
  2. Establish methods of communication with parents ie; email, cellular phone, text messaging, work phone.
  3. Have regular communication with parents so that parents know what is going on at school. When your son or daughter comes home and says they have no homework, the parent can just make a phone call or send an email to find out. By the way, all students have homework every night and the school is open in the evening so you can drive them back to get some.
  4. Monitor attendance, interim and reports cards and discuss with student and parents.
  5. Arrange meetings with parents.
  6. Find ways to support your child in school. Do they need tutoring, help with homework, help with organization, etc. By the way, there is help for all students before and after school and during lunch.
  7. I act as an advocate for your child .
  8. If your son or daughter is going to be sick for a few days please contact me and I will arrange for homework from teachers.
Parent Connect allows parents greater access to their child’s school records. Parents, with their child’s personal education number, can view their child’s record of attendance and grades, communicate with their child’s teacher, and update emergency contact information.
Parents can get their child’s personal education number from their school or find it on the top of their child’s last report card.