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Grade 9 Core Curriculum

​Grade 9 students must take English 9, Social Studies 9, Math 9, Science 9 and PE 9.  Additionally, Grade 9 students will begin the study of their Career Life Education program.  This program meets the Grade 9 career education requirements as well as begins the process of gaining credit for Careers 10 which replaces Planning 10.  Careers 10 is spread over 2 years and is a graduation requirement.

The options for grade 9 Physical Education courses are: Beach Volleyball, Boys', Girls', Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball.

The grade 9's have been grouped in core section classes so that they will have the same teacher for Humanities (English & Socials) and for Math and Science.

Grade 9 students will also have the option to select elective courses as well.  See the below options that will be available

 Mandatory Courses

English 9

Ever wanted to create a short story that incorporates elements of a graphic novel? Make a sound track relating to a novel you've read? English 9 explores communication in its many forms.  It offers a chance to improve your writing, speaking and collaborative skills while mastering various essential communication skills.

Social Studies 9

Social studies nine explores the developments of the democratic process in Western society in both the Old World and the New World. How was today's Canadian society affected by the events of the English, French and American revolutions? What role did geography have on the lifestyles of the heterogeneous groups of the First People living in North America? Why didn't the people living in British North America join in the revolt against the king? How did we avoid being annexed by the American "War Hawks"?  In addition to history and geography, the study of current events (local, national and international) is a focus of this course.

Mathematics 9

In Math 9, students continue the path towards becoming lifelong learners of mathematics. Understanding of math concepts will be developed at the concrete, pictorial and symbolic levels. Topics include exponents; symmetry and similarity; rational numbers; polynomials; linear relations, equations and inequalities.

Science 9

Science 9 is one of the last opportunities to experience all of the branches of science. The course attempts to help students develop a way of thinking,  beginning with observations and questioning. Science 9 includes a wide variety of teaching strategies and assessment tools. Through labs, projects, daily assignments, independent and cooperative group work, students will focus on four units of Science in grade 9: Life Science, Chemical Science, and Compounds and Physical Science.

Optional Core

Mathletes 9 (Yearlong PE and Math)

Do you want to have PE all year long AND improve your success in Math 9? Then Mathletes 9 is the course for you. We all know the physical benefits of activity but through current brain research, it has been shown that there are astounding learning and mental health benefits as well. Getting your heart rate into a moderate zone for 20-30 minutes can greatly improve our ability to learn directly after the activity and throughout the day. Physical activity is like miracle grow for your brain! Some blocks will be all PE, some all Math and some will be a split of PE and Math to take advantage of these learning benefits. Other advantages this course offers are increased time to learn mathematical concepts and decreased length of time off between Math 9 and Math 10. The content and competencies covered in this course will be the same as those covered in the traditional Math 9 and PE 9 courses.

Outdoor Discoveries Program 9

The Outdoor Discoveries program challenges students academically, socially, and physically. The integrated grade 9 program (combining English, Social Studies, Documentary Film Making and Physical Education) delivers learning in a meaningful way that helps students make connections across subjects, with each other, the surrounding environment, and local communities. Running from February to June, Outdoor Discoveries students have opportunities to explore coastal British Columbia in all its natural and human complexity. By taking risks, assuming responsibilities, and directing their own learning, students will grow into knowledgeable, caring, resilient, and respectful individuals.

The Outdoor Discoveries program takes students to places where subject matter comes alive, such as: northern lakes, rivers and estuaries, mountain trails and the urban landscape. Moreover, program participants have opportunities to develop wilderness skills, critical thinking, teamwork and confidence as they take part in weekly field trips and monthly expeditions.

This rigorous and academic program is open to all grade 9 students, however, an application is required. Successful candidates will be those who are independent, hard-working, self-motivated, outdoorsy, and positive team players. There is a $350 dollar cost associated with the program, as well as an expectation that students provide some of their own basic gear, such as: hiking boots, rain jacket, bike, etc. Having said that, assistance will be provided for those for whom cost is an obstacle.

Outdoor PE

Lifelong fitness and outdoor recreation are the two guiding principles of Outdoor Physical Education. In this course, the world beyond school boundaries is our gym. Whether mountain biking or running in the Beaver Lodge Lands, canoeing in the Campbell River estuary, wall climbing at On the Rocks Climbing Gym, swimming and skating at Strathcona Gardens, fishing at Quinsam river, snowshoeing at Mt. Washington, playing outdoor games in the forest, or hiking to Waiatt Bay, Outdoor PE students, rain or shine, will participate in daily fitness and outdoor activities. This course is only open to Outdoor Discoveries students.

Documentary Film Making

The main goal of Documentary Film Making is to effectively communicate real life stories through film. In this course, students will learn how to navigate and execute all the necessary steps needed for a documentary production. In order to successfully create documentary films, students will learn and practice a variety of skills, such as: planning, researching, script writing, video composition, location scouting, shooting on location, audio capture, lighting, editing, publishing, self-evaluation, and product promotion. Most of the documentaries that students work on will be related to the monthly expeditions and themes explored in Language Arts and Social Studies. This course is only open to Outdoor Discoveries students.

 Elective Courses

 Digital Media Arts 9 
Are you interested in using technology to tell a visual story? In this course, you will use a variety of hardware and software to take your creative ideas from planning through to completion. 
In Timberline's Digital Hackerspace, you can create digital paintings and drawings, build 3D models, animate stickmen, and dabble in coding and App development. 
In Media Arts, you'll learn about filmmaking and video production, using digital video cameras and editing with Final Cut. Have you heard the phrase, “Don’t always believe what you see?” This is doubly true in this course as you will learn the art of manipulation by making people disappear, giving them the ability to fly, and creating chaos by throwing fireballs and explosions. Make the unbelievable believable!
Visit the Hackerspace site and the Media 9 site for more information and to view student creations.

Spanish 1


¿Quieres hablar español?  There are different reasons to join Spanish class:  a university requirement, you'd like to communicate while traveling in Spanish speaking country or you'd like to speak another language. In Spanish 1, you will learn how to introduce yourself, talk about likes and dislikes, tell time, learn vocabulary about school, clothing, food, family, and more. As Spanish is the second most spoken mother tongue of the world, your learning will come handy at some point. Expect to actively participate in class by listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Spanish 1 is part of a series with Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 that will give you the equivalent of a language 11-level course.

C.S.I.: Collaborative Studies and Investigation 9

CSI 9 is a hands-on, academic course that integrates Science studies while building cross-curricular and transferable skills. There will be a focus on Inquiry-Based Learning developing a solid foundation of skills for high school studies:  ex. Study Skills and Critical thinking skills. Students will study a variety of topics through project-based learning including things like entomology (the study of insects), survival skills, forensics and/or structures.

Art and Drama 9

Drama is an active and engaging program where students learn to incorporate the craft of theatre into their everyday lives, developing concentration, imagination, professionalism, character, and self confidence. Drama provides students with the opportunity to improve their creativity and communication skills. If you like drawing, painting and exploring your creative side then this is the course for you. Find out what you like to do best in this introductory high school art class. The course covers a wide range of artistic activities; drawing, painting, mixed media and graphic design. The art room is a stimulating, vibrant place where you can explore the ‘right side’ of your brain. If you really like art or just want to find out what the art room is all about then sign up for a class.


Food and Pottery 9

If you are looking for fun-filled electives that emphasize hands-on participation and collaboration, then this course is for you. In Foods 9 you make it and you eat it. You will learn the fundamentals of safety, sanitation, measuring and understanding recipes while cooking first hand. Healthy snacking, baking basics, meal planning and the factors that affect attitudes and decisions about food, global food issues, and nutrition are also covered. Pottery 9 is a hands-on 3D course that teaches you the basics of creating with clay. Develop your skills in hand-building and slab techniques to create unique creatures, one-of-a-kind bowls and mugs, wall plaques and more. Learn how to apply glazes to make your projects look like finished works of art. If you can imagine it, you can create it! 

French 9

Get more comfortable with listening to and speaking Canada's other official language. By doing oral projects, expanding your repertoire of vocabulary, and learning more of the grammatical structures of the French language, you will find yourself feeling more confident with French and language learning in general. Be ready to listen, write, and speak and you will be one step further to fluency.


Amazing Trades 9

Create, design and build projects as you rotate through the shops at Timberline: Woodwork, Mechanics, Robotics, Jewelry and Art Metal, Electronics and Drafting. Discover which trade to pursue further in grades 10-12.