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 β€‹A taste of what you might experience in the Media Arts program at Timberline Secondary.


 Media Arts Courses


TSN Digital Media Broadcasting


Imagine going live every day for 10 minutes in front of the whole school – being the face Timberline students see every morning on their TV’s. Well this is what the students do who take TSN Digital Media Broadcasting. Timberline has a closed circuit TV system and studio within the school, which enables us to go live every day. Students will have the opportunity to use techniques and technology used in professional television production such as: video and audio recording equipment, lighting, television studio operations including directing and on-camera performance, and the use of digital editing and graphic creation systems. Students will become competent in shooting interviews and visual storytelling by enhancing technical, artistic and practical skills through the use of Final Cut. These skills will then be applied to the production of video news reports, documentaries and features for the live broadcast which is aired on a daily basis. It is very much a hands on course requiring high energy, a positive attitude and the ability to work with a group. Cataclysmic!


Editing for Effect 11/12

If there is any area of video editing where you can go hog wild and create all sorts of crazy visuals it is here in the special effects area of the video editing process. Students will learn how to use the various filters in Final Cut Pro to stylize footage for specific effects, create title sequences for fictitious films, explore After Effects to create the ultimate special effect sequence and to use CGI and the green screen to create imaginary worlds. Upon culmination of this course, students will produce a five minute digital creation applying the skills they have learned.
β€œSo, when the special effects are at the service of the story and draw you into it that is really the magic.”
Join now and start creating that magic.


Music Videos 11/12

A number of music conventions will be explored from narration (storyline), lip sync (live), impressionist (experimental), animation or stylistic. The students will learn how to use various technologies available to them such as digital cameras, editing software, special effects software and audio recording equipment. They will then develop their own aesthetic style to create unique music videos. Upon culmination of the course, students will produce their own music video using the various elements they have learned from this course. The video must be created using copyright free music.
β€œI walk down the street with music in my ears and feel like I’m in a music video.”
Take a walk and join now.

Video Productions 10

β€œAnd . . . Cut!!!” Have you ever wanted to say these words? You will if you take Video Productions 10. This course is designed as an introduction to video production work. Students will learn to use computers, camcorders, edit, mix audio, lighting, develop scripts, and produce short film segments. This course uses several short assignments to introduce computer editing, cameras, audio equipment, mixing lighting, script development and much more. Upon culmination of the course, a 5 minute short film is produced for distribution to film festivals.


Extreme Filming 11/12 β€‹

Your extremely creative visions will become a smoothly functioning reality!!! EXTREME FILMING OF SPORTS is exactly that. If you are interested in exploring how to create spectacular extreme sports film creations then this is the course for you. Students will learn how to use unique camera angles, various steady cams and other hardware, GoPro cameras and DLSR cameras with various lenses to capture the ultimate footage. They will then learn how to use Final Cut Pro, GoPro editing software and After Effects to enhance the footage to create β€‹β€‹video that will entertain not only the sports enthusiast but all viewers. Upon culmination of this course, students will produce a five minute extreme style video using the specialized filming and editing techniques learned in this course.

Short Film 11/12

Short films come in all shapes and sizes, forms and formalities: animation, documentary, narrative, and experimental stories are all varieties of films the students will have to choose from in creating their own independent film. Students will learn the specific elements of each of the genres of short films, exploring examples from each. Various techniques used to enhance the film quality will be introduced. Lighting, sound, set design, script writing and specialized filming techniques are just some examples. They will then apply their artistic expression to complete a short film of the genre of their choice. They will be responsible for completing each stage of the creation process from planning, production to post-production. They will ultimately be the producers of their own film. Upon culmination of this course, students will produce a professional quality short film that is 10 minutes in length.
β€œShort films are not inferior, just different. They give freedom to filmmakers.”
Come out and explore that freedom. Join now.

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